Ahhh, recorders.

February 26, 2008

Those little darlings of the elementary music world!  Give me a B-A-G and I’ll give you some hot cross buns, baby! So, I have some students that (for whatever reasons) simply cannot get those three notes straight in their heads or their fingers.  Today I primed everybody up by announcing we would be adding (pause for dramatic effect)*percussion* to the group!  (Gasps all around, and outstretched hands reaching for the hand drums.) I placed two lines of symbols on the board.  One had a big fat zero followed by three Xs; the other had three big fat zeroes followed by a snaky looking line.  It took them no time at all to figure out that the zeroes meant “ssh” and the Xs meant drums play and the snaky looking line meant shake the tambourine. Everybody played on time.  Together.  Happily.  And they sounded (as they told me) just like a “real” band.  Smoke on the Water, anyone? 


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